With growing competition and market demand for affordable telecommunication in rural areas in com-bination with low ARPU, operators doing business in our focused geographical areas are facing a serious problem exceeding the >50% penetration barrier.

The Super Antenna System (SAS™ and SEC™) opens the opportunity for the operator to access rural areas not yet covered at significantly lower CAPEX than traditional sites can offer. For this new antenna technology developed by Radio Innovation Sweden, we speak of 10-30 times increase in site coverage area with a resulting low CAPEX/km².

For The Super Economical Coverage™ antenna Jarlsø has designed a Super Efficient Tower, as specifications and height of antenna location is of essence. In total, Jarlsø Group can offer to the market the Super Efficient Telecom Site. The SEC™ concept opens for fully autonomous solar and wind power sources powering the Super Efficient Site.